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Birthdate:Oct 12
Location:Peace River, Alberta, Canada
Movieverse!Logan, with elements from comic background wherever useful and/or fun. Journal for roleplaying purposes only. I don't own Wolverine or the X-Men or any other damn thing worth owning. Just playing with the toys Marvel gave the world.

Mun and muse are over 18.

Logan for dummies

Logan heals fast. Really fast. Superficial cuts will heal in seconds. Alcohol and any kind of drug/anesthetic/etc. will be cleared from his system much faster than they would in most people. It's almost impossible for him to get drunk.
The healing also means he barely ages anymore. He's over 170 years old, but doesn't exactly look it.
Logan has three claws on each hand that come out from between his knuckles. Depending on 'verse, these can be bone or adamantium. Default 'verse right now is Bump, which means shiny claws.
Logan has enhanced senses. His hearing and scent in particular go far beyond what ordinary humans can perceive.
Logan tends to be gruff. This doesn't mean he doesn't want to talk. Well... actually, it does, but it doesn't mean the mun doesn't want to talk.

(Profile stolen from 45825243_t78_a on LiveJournal - because it's very well written and the mun's a friend. I'll work on changing this later, but for now this will do for quick and dirty!)
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